Created on December 20, 1836, Bexar County at that time encompassed almost the entire western portion of the Republic of Texas. After statehood, 128 counties were carved out of its area.

With a population of almost 2 million people, Bexar County is currently ranked as the 16th most populated county in the U.S. Home to San Antonio’s nearly 1.5 million residents, the County is predicted to grow by more than 1.1 Million more by 2040. 

Judge Nelson Wolff serves as Bexar County Judge, working closely with the City and its many innovation-driven stakeholders to help grow the local economy. Judge Wolff shares his thoughts on the importance of building momentum in San Antonio’s urban core.

We know that the world is evolving. Technology is changing the market and entrepreneurs have to be even more adaptable in today’s economy.

Bexar County startups have a great opportunity to lead the way in innovative technology, cybersecurity, bioscience, and healthcare solutions.

Our technology ecosystem is continuously growing and evolving and there are no plans to “take our foot off the gas.”  Bexar County leadership is focused on creating a friendly business environment to increase the economic momentum in downtown San Antonio and across the County. 

We are active in working with the startup community, soliciting feedback when developing policies that are inclusive and helpful.

The five startup finalist teams in 2019's Tech Fuel, a pitch completion sponsored by Tech Bloc. Photo credit: Iris Gonzalez.

The five startup finalist teams in the 2019 Tech Fuel, a pitch completion sponsored by Tech Bloc. Photo credit: Iris Gonzalez.

For example, with the local tech community’s input, we implemented an Innovation Fund to support smaller technology firms with workforce development and strategic growth here in Bexar County.  

In partnership with the tech industry advocacy nonprofit group Tech Bloc, Bexar County hosts the annual Tech Fuel pitch competition during Startup Week every October.  We fund $100,000 in prize money to help emerging tech-based startups accelerate the growth of their business. Tech entrepreneurs will not want to miss competing in the largest cash prize pitch competition in greater San Antonio.

We also continue to work closely with tech entrepreneurs to stimulate even more innovation-driven growth in Bexar County.

San Antonio’s IT industry has expanded significantly over the last decade. More companies, from enterprise-level world-class leaders such as USAA, HEB, and Rackspace, to mid-sized and smaller businesses, are leveraging technologies for greater efficiency and impact. This growth in San Antonio’s tech scene has become one of the city’s major economic drivers, which is critical to the future of our rapidly growing city.

Bexar County is proactively engaging with business leaders and other important stakeholders to build a thriving economy that supports prosperity for all residents. We will continue to work alongside the business community in growing our tech industry in San Antonio.

Please reach out to our staff for more information, we are eager to welcome you to our ecosystem.

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. Courtesy photoJudge Nelson Wolff

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