San Antonio has a thriving downtown

Looking for a home for your company?

Want to live and work in a city center that feels like home?

Come to San Antonio's downtown tech district.

San Antonio’s bustling downtown is an exciting place to work and live. From renovated historic buildings with unique features to new state-of-the-art office buildings, downtown San Antonio offers tech professionals and the companies that employ them a unique city center with a strong sense of place. Whether you’re looking for historic charm or cutting-edge new construction, San Antonio’s tech community is growing across the city and especially, in its downtown region.

San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities of the decade and for good reasons. New and established companies relocate into the area and continue to form in our rapidly multiplying ecosystem. Our downtown district presents unique opportunities for tech companies to grow.

New and established companies are relocating into the area and continue to form in our rapidly multiplying ecosystem.

We have software-as-a-service companies in legal tech, insurance tech, fintech, and more, as well as established sectors in cybersecurity and healthcare and biomedical ventures. More venture capitalists like Active Capital and Dura Software are working with and investing in San Antonio companies.

With co-working spaces like Geekdom or available office spaces to choose from, you can start or grow your tech company in downtown San Antonio.

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s new downtown campus will add thousands of additional students to our burgeoning urban tech corridor. UTSA will house its cybersecurity-focused National Security Collaboration Center and School of Data Science, among other facilities on its downtown campus.

We also have unique student internship programs like Students+Startups and Catalyst Lab. Add in a growing community of Venture for America fellows and coding bootcamps like Open Source Academy and Codeup (student pictured to the left) and you’ll discover the highly skilled people who call San Antonio home.

If you’re looking for a job here, San Antonio is also the first in the nation to hire a city-wide tech talent recruiter. Connect with Tech Talent at to learn more.