Generation Z is an up-and-coming generation of college students and young professionals looking to build a life in the metropolitan areas that best suit their needs. With an estimated purchasing power of more than $140 billion, this sizable cohort of people currently aged 15 to 24 will be making choices on the best places to work and live.

A new study by the real-estate website Commercial Cafe assessed demographic data to rank the most desired U.S. metros for those born between 1997 and 2006. San Antonio landed at No. 8 on its list, with two other Texas cities in the top 10 — Dallas at No. 4 and Austin at No. 5.

The study researchers analyzed the 50 biggest U.S. metros by looking at eight metrics: Percentage of Gen Zers of the metro’s total population, regional price parity, unemployment rate, average internet speed, number of colleges, availability of entertainment options, and personal income per capita.

The 10 Best Metros in the US for Relocating Gen-Zers, image courtesy Commercial Cafe

The 10 Best Metros in the US for Relocating Gen-Zers, image courtesy Commercial Cafe.

The Commercial Cafe researchers chose the metrics that align the most with Gen Z’s most common interests, such as metrics reflecting financial stability, safety, education, and career opportunities.

San Antonio ranked at No. 1 for its concentration of Gen Z’ers at 14% of our total population. The Alamo City also did well in the average internet speed of 164 MB per second and the best regional price parity. However, entertainment options and personal income per capita put San Antonio at the bottom of the Top Ten list.

In 2020, San Antonio gained Generation Z renters, which grew to 23% of the market, up from 17% in 2019, according to a new report from RentCafe. Of the four largest Texas cities, San Antonio has the largest share of Gen Z renters as a percentage of the local market. Austin has 20% while Houston has 19%, and Dallas has 18%.

Generation Z generally speaking values innovation, connection, security, and authentic experiences. The metropolitan areas that best fulfill these needs will do the best job of attracting and retaining the influx of Gen Zers.

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